Name:Aeration disc

Product Description

Product feature :

(1) compared with the surface of increasing oxygen aerator, its main advantage is: nano aerobic plate of underwater increases oxygen aeration can get oxygen oxygen to make water lower more, can make the air filling the water evenly spread to each layer, can make the bottom under the condition of oxygen toxic gas accelerated to spread in the air, can reduce the noise interference with the normal activity of fish.

(2) Compared with small, medium and large aerators such as gas and stone, the bubble produced by the nano aerator is much smaller, the smaller the bubble, the larger the gas-liquid contact surface, the longer the retention time in water, the better the effect of increasing oxygen.

(three) easy to install.

 working principle:

Aerobic plate using three leaves roots blower fan figure by air pressure, is revealed the trachea uniform expansion and reach the design value, a large number of tiny air bubbles from the wall, smoke floating in the water, rising speed is very slow, dissolved oxygen, which significantly improve the oxygen content in the water, increase liquidity in the water, raise the breeding density

Basic technical parameters:

The superfine pore aeration aeration tube made of new micromolecular materials, atomizing effect ranks first among all kinds of aeration pipes, its working principle is: through the air compression pump pressure, so that the aeration pipe evenly expand and reach the design value, a large number of fine bubbles (diameter:  20 ~ 30um) emerges from the wall of the tube and is in a state of smoke drifting in the water. The rising speed is very slow, and the effect of dissolved oxygen is significant, so as to greatly improve the oxygen content in the water, increase the fluidity of the water and improve the breeding density.  

Wide pressure range: 0.05 ~ 0.10 MPa, applicable water depth range: 0 ~ 5 meters;  When not aerated in deep water, it is compressed under static pressure to prevent the blockage of dirt.  The shape of the hose can be changed arbitrarily, and the corresponding plastic pipe connector is matched.  

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